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Professional power sweeping



Summit Sweeping offers the cleaning of streets, highways, construction sites, and shopping malls. Additonally, we offer inside warehouse and production facility cleaning, offering a dry sweep and wet scrub combination, all completed in one pass. Summit Sweeping has the ability to remove rubber tire marks on concrete surfaces and remove grease and oil build up. All cleaning is done by using bio-degradeable solutions. In 2007, a second location will be opening in Northern Indiana. This second facility will provide improved service to new and existing customers in Indiana and Southern Michigan.

From The Ashes

The following article, published in "Business People" Magazine July, 2005, is testament to customer service and commitment offered by Summit Sweeping.

Sweeping Changes Cover PhotoBarely six months after a fire nearly destroyed his business, Mike Oetting and his Summit Sweeping crews haven't skipped a beat.

As Mike Oetting rounded the curve of Indianapolis Road the evening of Jan. 26, 2005, he knew by the site of the glowing orange sky that the fire at his business Summit Sweeping Services Inc., was a major devistation. Alerted by one of his employees that the fire trucks have been dispatched to the site off Lower Huntington Road, he hoped it would be just a false alarm. Instead, the fire totally destroyed the buildings where his business and two others where housed. The raging blaze also ruined the majority of equipment and rolling stock inside the facility. For Summit Sweeping that meant the loss of two trucks and two industrial cleaners. Everything that wasn't reduced to ashes was damaged by smoke or water- or both. For some companies, such devastation might cause business to halt, at least for a while. But Summit Sweeping was operating the next evening, because to Mike Oetting, serving customers is paramount.

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New Services

Summit Sweeping has always concentrated on power sweeping however, many of our customers continue to request additional services, saying they "want to deal with one company" and are "confident in our abilities".

In 2007, Summit Sweeping will add:
Parking Lot Striping
Mobile Hot Water Power Washing With Soda Injection
A second location will be opening in Northern Indiana

Soda Injection allows cleaning of graffiti without harsh chemicals and allows chemical free cleaning of very difficult surfaces.