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Professional power sweeping



Five examples of our experience:

Highway Construction & Asphalt millings.
Countless projects including city streets, state highway projects, and interstate highway cleaning. The most recent is the three year expansion of I-69 in Allen County. This project involved daily cleaning of construction traffic debris, sand from the sandblasting operations, rocks, mud, and at times, water removal to dry the surface.

Steel Dynamics - Butler, In - Main Powerhouse
During the initial construction, the project involved how to clean the basement floor of the water, rocks, mud, and other debris that fell in to the 12 foot deep room during construction. Power washing was not an option due to lack of drainage. Only three walls were constructed, the fourth to be poured after the mechanical equipment had been placed. The primary obstacles were:
degree of slope for machine access, dozens of support pillars, water and debris removal. Summit Sweeping backed equipment down a 40% ramp, assisted by a bulldozer. We removed 24" of water from the basement floor, vacuumed the solid debris and
finished the project with a wet scrubbing of the concrete. The finished floor was restored to its new appearance.The process involved two production days, three machines and three operators.

General Motors/Fort Wayne Assembly
Summit Sweeping has worked at the plant for countless contractors from the initial construction of the plant. Our machinery has completed or maintained both inside and outside areas of the facility. Most recently, Summit Sweeping maintained the plant roads during the construction of the new sequencing warehouse. When the project was 90% complete, Summit Sweeping moved to the inside of the warehouse. Our duties were to remove the debris accumulated on the floor during construction. When completed, the new concrete was left with a bright shine and ready for use.

Fort Wayne International Airport
Summit Sweeping has been involved in the daily cleaning of runways, taxiways, and aircraft parking aprons for virtually every improvement or expansion project at the airport in the last 10 years. In 2006, one of our sweepers stayed on site the entire summer. Safety and security are huge issues at any airport and Summit Sweeping is the preferred contractor in this type project.

Glenbrook Mall - One of Indiana's Largest Malls
In 1995, Summit Sweeping secured a daily trash sweeping contract with the 95 acre mall. Previously, the mall owned two sweepers trucks and staffed the units with in-house maintenance personal. By contracting with us, the mall was
able to recover truck investment dollars, no longer worry about the fact the lots would be clean, and utilize their personnel in areas more familiar to them. Summit Sweeping is the only private contractor servicing the site in the malls history and recently secured a three year pact with mall management.